Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Closet

“I have nothing to wear!”

Yeah right. We call your bluff bullshit. We bet you have a lot to wear, but the problem is that you just can’t find it! Raise your hand, seriously raise your hand - we will know if you don’t! - if your hangers are so packed in your closet you can’t slide them down the bard to see your favourite silk blouse. Raise your hand if your dressed looks like a toddler  put away your laundry. Raise your hand if have price tags still hanging on more than one skirt. Guilty, guilty, guilty fashion girl. 

It’s okay. We share your pain. Thus, we are here to help! Follow these six simple tips to get yourself to a closet that you want to show off!

1. Edit often (and be relentless!) 
If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, if you have an item you will “one day fit into”, if you have an item you bought on vacation that one time and consider it a memory but are never going to wear - consider it clutter. There is an exception to this rule: if something is an investment piece, like a stellar tailored blazer, or is an amazing vintage buy store them safely. 

2. Downsize the T-shirt Collection
Do you really need a pile a T-shirts? While they are essentials that you can build your off-duty wardrobe around, hold on to your 10 favourite and donate the others. 

photo courtesy of The Coveteur

3. Pretend Your Closet is Your Favourite Boutique
Remember when you walked into your favourite store (read: Felicity&Fritz) and you saw black lace overlay dress on display and thought you just had to have it? (solid choice by the way) Well, part of that was thanks to merchandising. We like to organize our closet based on category - in other words, organize pants with pants, blazers with blazers and silk blouses with silk blouses. While it may seem more handy to organize based on colour, setting up your closet by category allows you to more easily find the pieces you need to put together whatever fab outfit you envision. 

4. Put footwear on Display!
You swooned over them in the store (read: Felicity&Fritz) so why not continue to swoon over them at home?! If your shoes are in a messy pile in the corner of your closet (sacrilege!) you are just going to wear the same shoes over and over again. Where’s the fun in that? 

5. Invest in awesome Hangers
Wire hanger? No chance. You’’ extend the life of your wardrobe with the right hangers as you eliminate the chance of holes in your clothes or having them deformed. 

6. Handbag Colour Coordination
Keep your handbags and clutches organized by colour so that you can easily add to your outfit. 

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