Wednesday, August 29, 2012

John Hancock

Signature style. Two words, which, in my fashion swooning eyes, have a lot of weight. So often we read of celebrities and power women who embody these two words, but the question is how does one attain said signature? What makes a style signature? How does someone curate such a distinctive look that people take note?

There really isn't one absolute answer, however if you ask me (and even if you don't, I am writing so really you don't have much choice but to discover my opinion. unless, you stop reading, but please don't! you'll like what I have to say!) signature style comes down to two things. One: Focus on one key item and Two: Confidence. 

If your signature colour is black, here is how to reinvent a colour time again

Focusing on one key colour or item, a blazer for example (a personal favourite), and styling it in different ways is the basis of what makes style a signature. It's taking a piece of clothing and wearing it rather than have it wear you. 

Let's not forget confidence. For this fashion girlie, blazers are a part of my everyday, as menswear is something that I will never grow tired of. I'll wear a cropped tweed and silk blazer to the office, a boyfriend style with ripped boyfriend jeans (naturally) to coffee with a friend or a hot hued tuxedo style out for drinks. In short, a blazer is my signature piece because it effortlessly pulls any look together and I know I can work it from day to night. 

Granted, to find your sartorial john hancock it may take some experimentation. But once you find something you can't get enough of, make it your item of focus and go forth with confidence. 

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