Thursday, January 9, 2014

Styling Tips | A Lesson On Layering

It’s cold. 

I am cold. 

Polar Vortex, Arctic Blast, Damn Cold - whatever we are calling it it is freeing outside...and inside for that matter. There’s no better time for a lesson on layering than right now. So pay attention before you brave the outside and feel that oh-so-glamourous nose hair freeze.

Like a make up primer or crumb coat on a cake, you need to start with a base. In this case a black slim fit turtleneck (hello, built in scarf). Tutrlenecks get a bad wrap - they are chic, they are very Audrey Hepbrun, let them be you. 

Add a blouse. Here the fabric choice is up to you - cotton, silk, chambray, flannel. Whatever the choice make sure you tuck it in because as we saw in yesterday’s post, we are trying to minimize the christmas cookie baby. From here we throw on a pullover for obvious reasons - it. is. cold. 

Opt for a slim fit, either skinny or straight cut denim in a dark hue like the ones here. Slip on a pair of socks - and let me make a note about socks: Yes, we are adult fashion girlies. Yes, we have careers and families and BFs and GFs. Why can’t we have patterned sockies? I think we owe it to ourselves. If we have to brave the weather and wrath of guilt put on by our mother’s for not calling enough, is a heart printed sock hurting anyone? 

I digress.

Here, we opt for a boot and again this choice is up to you. The key is to choose a boot, or any footwear for that matter, that you feel confident in and is also appropriate for what you are doing that day. Running errands could mean a tan Chelsea boot. Brunch with the girls may be a navy suede mid-calf bootie. Almost-the-weekend drinks is asking for a snakeskin detail stiletto bootie (obvi). 

Finish your look with a bright statement necklace and cross body bag and your off. I suggest going with a necklace, rather than chunky rings or bracelets only because I find it frustrating to put on a proper glove. (I have however been known to bring said accessories along with me and throw them on once I get to my destination). 

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