Monday, January 27, 2014

Styling Tips | Secrets to Staying Warm

Wouldn't it be great if we were all still in elementary school? I say this, because if we were we could be home today due to candled buses and thus sport our cosiest grey track suit (you know, the one that is banned from leaving the house but is continuously welcomed on days as cold as today). Sadly, in the name of not wanting frostbite, we are adult fashion girlies and need to venture out to work. Which means our outfits not only need to be fashionable, but also keep us protected from this joke Mother Nature is playing on us!

I am here to tell you that being fab and being warm can be mutually exclusive! Which some strategic layering and specific silhouettes you'll be warm and hot all at once. You'll thank me after this one, so, you're welcome!

Put a lid on it - This fashion girl will use any excuse to wear a hat wintertime is the perfect time to pull out the beanies. With so many colours and styles, it is hard to decide but my biggest tip is on fabrics to look for. Aim to find a cashmere or wool style as these will be the warmest. 

Tied up - Hear me out. It may seem like you need a parka on 100% of the time during this vortex of blustering hell, but a winter coat with a tie is actually the perfect alternative. A tie waist, means and expanding coat, means more layers, means less likelihood of hypothermia. All around win. 

Miss. Fancy Pants - Now is not the time for skirts and body con dresses. In lieu of wearing a grey oversized tracksuit (see above), my vote is for the fancy pants. A standout pair makes you instantly chic. We love a pair with a slightly relaxed fit, not just for the comfort but for the fact that we sneak a pair of stockings underneath for added warmth. To style, pile on knits overs thin tees in like colours you find in the pant to keep the look chic for the office or a daytime lunch with the ladies. 

It's a cinch - Repeat after me: "Chunky knits plus belt equals genius". Essentially a belt allows you to pile it on and still look slim. Keep in mind that there is a chunky knit limit. Just because the belt will cinch you in, there is a limit, i.e. layers to Michelin Man proportions will not be neutralized. 

Necking - A scarf is always the answer. At Felicity&Fritz we have so many scarves to choose from it makes getting dressed for the cold a dream. We like throwing on multiples. I'll go for an infinity scarf,  then a thin cotton rectangular scarf and to finish off a beauty wool blanket-like neck warmer like the one above. 

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