Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slim Lady

A new year means a new slew of resolutions - the most common being to slim down. So, let’s get to the gym ladies! Start fresh with P90X! Jump squats! Burpees! Shoulder presses! Sprints! Oh my gosh…I’m tired already. Truth is, we are all about a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes that healthy lifestyle means a glass of wine and a bite or two grandma’s classic spaghetti and meat sauce. 

Let’s face it, you’re mantra in December was “Heeeey....It’s the holidays!”. But now we are in 2014 - it’s a new year and while we don’t suggest a new you (come on, your f*&cking awesome!) we share your resolution of hiding that food baby. So, while we highly endorse getting back into our fitness routines, sometimes we move a little slower that we would like. In the meantime, our collection of outfits will give you the slim silhouette to neutralize your December mantra and amp up your confidence to get your booty movin’!

You know when you call in for a “sick day” and you take care of yourself (read: slub around) in track pants? Ugh….It’s SO awesome! how much more comfy can one get?! A loose fitting pant and a swing sweater are ├╝ber caj but we love to bump it up with a statement necklace, bright bag and walk-for-miles bootie. 

Perfect for the office, the diagonal line of a wrap dress whittles your waistline (woo hoo). If you still feel a little self-conscious (can we ask “why?” you’re a total BABE!) throw on a bf blazer for a touch more comfort. Pair with nude pumps to elongate the leg line and an oversized handbag, because we all know a big bag means a tiny you. Extra touches are this awesome Michael Kors chain watch in gold and a fun sparkle nail polish. 

When it comes to date night there is one rule - never. cancel! Doesn’t matter if the date is with your S.O., your bestie or your madre - if you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy yourself always go! Here we’ve paired mid-waisted leggings with an oversized chambray shirt with a white vertical stripe detail - the vertical stripe creates length and therefore makes you look slim and therefore allows you to have a glass of wine on said date (see, we got you covered girl!). A pointed toe pump in the same colour as your pants elongates the leg line and luxurious accessories like an oversized ring, cashmere scarf in merlot (we like wine) and big leather shoulder bag set you up for a fantastic night. 

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