Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Closet | How to Save on Dry Cleaning

Very often at Felicity&Fritz we hear the question "But, does this need dry cleaning?". The answer typically determines the purchase or not and we understand - dry cleaning can be a hassle. We are already busy with work or classes or just keeping the kids clean in general (!) that taking our own clothing somewhere to get it cleaned and then having to return to pick it up isn't always the highest priority on our list.

So, here are the Felicity&Fritz tips and tricks to skipping the dry cleaners or how to save money at the dry cleaners (because sometimes you really do need to go).

1. Dry Clean vs Dry Clean Only
You may be spending coin you don't need to if you come across a "Dry Clean" tag. I typically suggest heading to the dry cleaners only if the tag bears "Dry Clean Only".

2. Know the Right Hangers
No. Wire. Hangers! A wooden hanger is always superior in my book, but padded or velvet hangers are also a win. The right hanger will maintain the natural shape of your garments.

3. Get Dressed at the Last Minute
It may seem like a funny tip, but to avoid getting a stain before leaving the house do everything you need to before slipping on that silk blouse. This means eating, putting on perfume and makeup, painting your nails (feeding the baby, playing with the dog, washing the dishes etc etc etc) before the silk blouse. For obvious reasons, this idea will safeguard you from any possible stains before you head out the door.

4. Treat Stains ASAP
The longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to remove it. Here, I have to recommend Buncha Farmers 100% All Natural Biodegradable Stain Remover. I don't know what this product is made out of but if I had to guess I would say magic. I have never been a fan of on the go quick cleaning products, but this little stick of magic is just that. We got ours next at the local P'lovers and continually recommend it to everyone we know. Go to P'lovers right now (really) and buy one of your own!

5. Refresh with Febreze
Yes Febreze is for your couch and curtains, but it's also for your closet. It can refresh stale clothes and stretch the time you need between dry cleaning trips. Be sure, however, to spray your delicate garments from a distance to avoid staining it! (wouldn't that be ironic?)

6. Moderation
Overcleaning can decrease clothing's longevity, so dry-clean only when necessary. For example, Dry cleaning a wool suit once or twice a year and wool sweaters or skirts may be worn up to six times before you need to send them out.

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