Thursday, January 23, 2014

Felicity&Fritz Does Prom

New to Felicity&Fritz is our BLUSH Prom Dress collection. With prom coming up in a few months, the race is on to find the perfect dress that not only is as beautiful as you are but gives you the confidence to dance the night away with your date (whether that be the guy/girl that asked you or your group of fashion ladies that are all going together)! When we think about prom, we can't help but think of some of our favourite coming of age movies and, really, the equation to every great (cheesy) prom-infused movie is simple: 

1 part cute date + 1 part hair and make up + 1 part shoes and accessories + 10 parts dress 
(this is fashion math. it makes sense, trust us). 

Today, we're featuring some of our favourites from the collection in reds, pinks and corals. There is more to come so be sure to check back, and I don't just mean dresses - I'll be going through accessories, hairstyles, makeup trends and more! 

embellished at the waistline with glass stone Valentine Red
a-line, beaded, chiffon dress with embellished bust in Coral Pink
strapless sweetheart neckline, tulle skirt in Shocking Pink
sweetheart neckline, fitted but and empire waist with beadwork in Barbie Pink

Also, this video has nothing wit our prom dress collection. But we're positive that if we got to go to prom again, we would want to be asked this way. Actually, even if we were asked to go to the movies this way we would be okay with that too. 

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