Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cold Weather Coats

If I had to rate how chilled, as in freezing cold, I was on a scale of one to polar vortex I think I would fall somewhere between eating frozen yogurt by Lake Ontario in the middle of January and Polar Bear Plunge. It's a relatively wide range but with this roller coaster weather, it really is understandable. 

Living in Canada, the right outerwear is about as invaluable as a luscious chocolate cake or a free pass with Leo DiCaprio (or both...can you imagine!?). 

The idea of many of these coats is an intentional loose fit. I mean, raise your hand if your winter months are dominated by layers of sweaters and knitted accessories (my hand is raised. I know yours is too.). Because of this, a relaxed fit of a jacket allows you to still layer and, believe it or not, minimize that often inevitable bulk because it will fit seamlessly over anything. For a bit more of a tailored look, opt for a belt to bring in your tiny waist and skip a piece that has too many bobbles like oddly placed pockets, buttons or ties.  

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