Friday, January 17, 2014

Fashion Fridays

This past Sunday, Season 3 of GIRLS finally premiered and had a fire gone off in my condo during the double episode premier, I likely would have remained steed on my couch consuming the episodes like tart frozen yogurt in the middle of July (I really want frozen yogurt now. Let's go after you read 
this, mmkay??).

I began swooning over GIRLS back in Season 1 and then on through Season 2 and the double episode Season 3 premier did not disappoint. Hannah is handling her OCD and Adam is by her side taking on the role as boyfriend, caregiver and (somehow) voice of reason. Shoshanna has had a sexual awakening, Marnie is working at the coffee shop, living with her mom and struggling getting over Charlie (though, I shouldn't say his name because just saying it give him power) and Jessa is in rehab and then leaves rehab and promises not to leave again. I can't say really if each character has grown or changed since season 2 but stuff has happened, stuff is going to happen and I am ready to see it happen. 

With that said, Lena Dunham has taken the cover of February VOGUE and truly shines in her editorial spread. Her cover lends a Twiggy vibe and inside we see her in full urban glam. While some say Dunham is an unconventional choice for the magazine, (VOGUE is known for being skinny obsessed) I think it makes a perfect match. For so long, VOGUE has been the benchmark for the power-woman, and Dunham is without a doubt just that. She is changing the way women connect with one another and is showing us that imperfection is not something to be ashamed of but rather something to accept, embrace and shout from roof tops. Because, after all "Right now, it's a  Wednesday night baby and I'm alive."

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