Monday, January 31, 2011

That 70's Show

I am a 90's baby through and through (I still know the words to most Spice Girls, N'Sync and Backstreet Boys songs, I owned an uncountable number of Beanie Babies and you can bet good money that I daydreamed of someday marrying Zach Morris, Uncle Jesse and Cory Matthews all rolled into one). 

However, I have long appreciated the 70's. I grew up listening to Sonny and Cher and my mom describing scenes from Rocky Horror Picture Show, in detail, to me. Not to mention I spent hour flipping through photo albums of my mom and her sisters adorned in the decades wardrobe staples - bold prints, mini shift dresses in mustard hues and Hubba Bubba pinks (I'm convinced the Marc Jacobs knit below is a reincarnate of one my mother owned when she was a pre-teen fashion girlie).

Spring 2011 must have brought designers such as Marc Jacobs, Frida Giannini and Diane Von Furstenburg, to name a few, back to the defining era as their runways spoke true and true to the decade. Designers sent models down the runway in the newest staples of high-waisted pants, wide-leg trousers, colourful stripes, bold floral and graphic prints and denim in every-which-way. Needless to say, the seasons luxurious mocha, tangerine and fuchsia hues may just be the time warp we fashion girls need. 

☮ peace and fashion

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fixations

Throughout the week I am relatively busy with school and work and everything else in between. But like everyone else who has a growing "Get Done List", or at least I tell myself others are like this to make myself feel a little better, I am a master procrastinator. I will add the disclaimer that I always get everything I need done. However, on my journey of finishing that business report I may or may not have also taken a couple breaks to read the February issue of Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair (Justin Beiber is on the cover can you blame me?!).

This past week I have been i have been fixated on the wardrobe of Harper's Bazaar Editor, Joanna Hillman. If I could devise the perfect plan to hi-jack this fashionista's wardrobe I would (NOTE: I have not intention on actually stealing this woman's wardrobe, so no need to call the authorities). Scrolling through the thirty snapshots of Hillman's wardrobe, every ensemble seems so flawlessly effortless. Her wardrobe is filled with statement pieces which are perfectly coordinated with closet classics - like her pairing of a neon Proenza Schouler long sleeve knit and wide leg Dries Van Noten khaki trousers. 

In complete contrast to my undeniably fashionable fixation, is one of the most mesmerizing shows I have ever stumbled across. Man v Food follows host Adam Richman across America as he takes on the craziest food challenges imaginable (seriously, crazy people must have thought of these dishes). Would you ever take on an 11 pound pizza? No? Richman does and I can't help myself from putting down my assignments to watch him devour (often times force down) every last bite of his 7 pound seafood platter or foot tall chocolate cake. Even if you find this concept revolting, two minutes into the program you will inevitably find yourself routing for Richman to finish the Everest of food in front of him. Richman is hilarious and adorable and quite honestly fearless with every challenge. If you haven't seen this show, you must. 

Happy Friday!

☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The More The Merrier

While I have lived in Canada my entire life, every winter you'd swear that I was just coming to this country from some gorgeously exotic country where the weather is always that of dry hot summer days and sunny afternoons. Translation: I am a wimp when it comes to the cold winter months. The only thing really that gets me through is the fact that I know spring is the following season. Well, that and layering. 
Layering your clothing in winter is essential, in my humble fashion blogging opinion, not only for reason of fashion but for the sake of preventing hypothermia. When it comes to my own layering of clothing the more the merrier. Case in point, I have literally taken on the habit of wrapping myself in two scarves and stealing my younger brothers socks (p.s. why is it man socks are always better than our own?). 

Keep in mind, however, when you pile on the layers you can quickly look like the Michelin Man. So make sure you start off with your thinnest pieces on first followed by a warm oversized knit for example. Also, one of my greatest finds this winter is the infinity scarf. Michael Kors favoured this accessory in his FW2010 collection, sending his gorgeous models down the runway with oversized knit scarves in classic black, camel and grey hues. Needless to say, this scarf has been a lifesaver (and frostbite preventer) and urge all you fashion girls to go out and nab one for yourselves! 

 ☮ peace and fashion 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Colour Me Wonderful

If there is one thing to take away from the Spring 2011 runways, it's that this season will be very bright. Which, in all honesty, is something to look forward to considering this ridiculously dreary and sub-zero weather we have been having. And while infusing your wardrobe with highlighter brights may seem intimidating the best way to incorporate colour is by mixing it with your wardrobe basics. 

Since I have no intention on waiting for the temperature to increase (because at this point the end of this frigid winter does not seem near) this fashion girl is bringing brights into her winter wardrobe. Taking a cue from Harper's Bazaar Editor, Joanna Hillman, pops of colour in the form of a turquoise blazer or candy apple red lips, I think it's best if we all bring bright accessories into this crazy cold Canadian weather.

☮peace and fashion