Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion Fridays

My name is Fashion Girly. And I am addicted to Instagram. I love Instagram. I open the app at least ten times a day. Sometimes, I don't even close the app. I follow friends and family and fashion lovers, brands and fitness obsessives, magazines and inspiring quotes. I a swiping through my feed in the morning, while I am in transit, waiting in line for coffee, before bed, in bed when I cannot sleep - I am going to stop here because really I could go on and on.

I digress. I thought I would share my insta-love with you, so here from the week, are some of my favourite Insta photos from some of my favourite accounts.

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Happy Friday!








Thursday, January 30, 2014

Occasion Dressing | Engagement Parties and Lacy Dresses

Is anyone else receiving an influx of engagement party invitations? I don't know when it happened, but sometime between November and December 2013, couples were infused with love and lust and optimism and future plans and believed the best way to show that love the world was engagement. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Felicity's Love | Radiant Orchid

Back in December, Pantone announced the colour to embrace. And embrace we shall in just about every form and shade. While the last few years have been been a bit more punchy (note the Emerald of 2013 and the Tangerine Tango of 2012) the change of pace is welcomed by this fashion girl. This star hue is going to be spotted everywhere in 2014 and while you may think you can't wear it, we would like to infer you that you are wrong. Don't be mad, we are simply liberating you to add some radiance to your wardrobe.
Really, you're welcome.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Styling Tips | Secrets to Staying Warm

Wouldn't it be great if we were all still in elementary school? I say this, because if we were we could be home today due to candled buses and thus sport our cosiest grey track suit (you know, the one that is banned from leaving the house but is continuously welcomed on days as cold as today). Sadly, in the name of not wanting frostbite, we are adult fashion girlies and need to venture out to work. Which means our outfits not only need to be fashionable, but also keep us protected from this joke Mother Nature is playing on us!

I am here to tell you that being fab and being warm can be mutually exclusive! Which some strategic layering and specific silhouettes you'll be warm and hot all at once. You'll thank me after this one, so, you're welcome!

Put a lid on it - This fashion girl will use any excuse to wear a hat wintertime is the perfect time to pull out the beanies. With so many colours and styles, it is hard to decide but my biggest tip is on fabrics to look for. Aim to find a cashmere or wool style as these will be the warmest. 

Tied up - Hear me out. It may seem like you need a parka on 100% of the time during this vortex of blustering hell, but a winter coat with a tie is actually the perfect alternative. A tie waist, means and expanding coat, means more layers, means less likelihood of hypothermia. All around win. 

Miss. Fancy Pants - Now is not the time for skirts and body con dresses. In lieu of wearing a grey oversized tracksuit (see above), my vote is for the fancy pants. A standout pair makes you instantly chic. We love a pair with a slightly relaxed fit, not just for the comfort but for the fact that we sneak a pair of stockings underneath for added warmth. To style, pile on knits overs thin tees in like colours you find in the pant to keep the look chic for the office or a daytime lunch with the ladies. 

It's a cinch - Repeat after me: "Chunky knits plus belt equals genius". Essentially a belt allows you to pile it on and still look slim. Keep in mind that there is a chunky knit limit. Just because the belt will cinch you in, there is a limit, i.e. layers to Michelin Man proportions will not be neutralized. 

Necking - A scarf is always the answer. At Felicity&Fritz we have so many scarves to choose from it makes getting dressed for the cold a dream. We like throwing on multiples. I'll go for an infinity scarf,  then a thin cotton rectangular scarf and to finish off a beauty wool blanket-like neck warmer like the one above. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fashion Fridays | David Beckham #Covered or #Uncovered

This is a trick question right? In H&Ms Superbowl teaser, David Beckham asks if we want to see him #covered or #uncovered. Do we even need to think this one over?

H&M is inviting fans to its website to vote on which outcome they would like to premiere during the Superbowl (again, trick question?). In the #covered version (for us dummies out there) Beckham will be wearing his briefs. In the #uncovered version (for us winners) Beckham, with clever camera angles, will be nude. Insert applause here.

Happy Friday fashion girlies! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Felicity&Fritz Does Prom

New to Felicity&Fritz is our BLUSH Prom Dress collection. With prom coming up in a few months, the race is on to find the perfect dress that not only is as beautiful as you are but gives you the confidence to dance the night away with your date (whether that be the guy/girl that asked you or your group of fashion ladies that are all going together)! When we think about prom, we can't help but think of some of our favourite coming of age movies and, really, the equation to every great (cheesy) prom-infused movie is simple: 

1 part cute date + 1 part hair and make up + 1 part shoes and accessories + 10 parts dress 
(this is fashion math. it makes sense, trust us). 

Today, we're featuring some of our favourites from the collection in reds, pinks and corals. There is more to come so be sure to check back, and I don't just mean dresses - I'll be going through accessories, hairstyles, makeup trends and more! 

embellished at the waistline with glass stone Valentine Red
a-line, beaded, chiffon dress with embellished bust in Coral Pink
strapless sweetheart neckline, tulle skirt in Shocking Pink
sweetheart neckline, fitted but and empire waist with beadwork in Barbie Pink

Also, this video has nothing wit our prom dress collection. But we're positive that if we got to go to prom again, we would want to be asked this way. Actually, even if we were asked to go to the movies this way we would be okay with that too. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Styling Tips | A Base of Leggings

Repeat after me: "Leggings are not pants." Now, repeat three more times, write out twenty more times and vow to never wear leggings in lieu of pants ever again. 

Leggings have their own special place in a fashion girlies wardrobe and we need to treat them with the respect that they deserve. Don't wear any that are shiny or torn. Don't wear one with slits down the sides or ones that are too small. Also offensive are leggings that are too big for you because then, let's be honest, it look alike you crapped your pants. And that is just gross. 

Don't get me wrong, though, I love leggings. They are comfy, warm and right now thanks to plummeting temperatures are my go to for building outfits. So, here are some tips for making our beloved leggings the base of some stylish outfits that are sure to become your daily go-to's. 

Transform your leggings into a professional ensemble by pairing it with a full A line skirt and keeping warm with a fitted long sleeve top. I always like to add in some colour, so have fun with your accessories like I did here with a pair of green suede booties and a saturated hued fuchsia cross body. 

cole haan booties. vince camuto crossbody. 

Brunch is by far my favourite meal of the day and anytime I have the opportunity to go for brunch with my favourite fashion girlies I take it. For me brunch means being comfortable and opting to make a statement through my accessories. You'll note here I only have a tunic with leggings, but this is acceptable so long as the tush is covered by the top (we know you have a hot backside, but this is brunch, let's be modest). Because of the weather right now you could also throw on a classic boyfriend blazer or even a luscious faux fur vest for warmth.

nine west handbag. michael kors watch. vince camuto boots.

Dinner date with the boy or dinner date with the mama, take advantage and glam it up a bit. Bold accessories, rich tones and textures give this outfit edge and femininity all in one. 

vince camuto crossbody. michael michael kors booties. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fashion Fridays

This past Sunday, Season 3 of GIRLS finally premiered and had a fire gone off in my condo during the double episode premier, I likely would have remained steed on my couch consuming the episodes like tart frozen yogurt in the middle of July (I really want frozen yogurt now. Let's go after you read 
this, mmkay??).

I began swooning over GIRLS back in Season 1 and then on through Season 2 and the double episode Season 3 premier did not disappoint. Hannah is handling her OCD and Adam is by her side taking on the role as boyfriend, caregiver and (somehow) voice of reason. Shoshanna has had a sexual awakening, Marnie is working at the coffee shop, living with her mom and struggling getting over Charlie (though, I shouldn't say his name because just saying it give him power) and Jessa is in rehab and then leaves rehab and promises not to leave again. I can't say really if each character has grown or changed since season 2 but stuff has happened, stuff is going to happen and I am ready to see it happen. 

With that said, Lena Dunham has taken the cover of February VOGUE and truly shines in her editorial spread. Her cover lends a Twiggy vibe and inside we see her in full urban glam. While some say Dunham is an unconventional choice for the magazine, (VOGUE is known for being skinny obsessed) I think it makes a perfect match. For so long, VOGUE has been the benchmark for the power-woman, and Dunham is without a doubt just that. She is changing the way women connect with one another and is showing us that imperfection is not something to be ashamed of but rather something to accept, embrace and shout from roof tops. Because, after all "Right now, it's a  Wednesday night baby and I'm alive."

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cold Weather Coats

If I had to rate how chilled, as in freezing cold, I was on a scale of one to polar vortex I think I would fall somewhere between eating frozen yogurt by Lake Ontario in the middle of January and Polar Bear Plunge. It's a relatively wide range but with this roller coaster weather, it really is understandable. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From the Boys | Menswear Trends for Ladies to Steal

The recent Menswear collections have told me one things - stealing from the boys has never been a better idea. Coupled with a ton of inspiration, the London Menswear is giving me a whole lotta I-Need-To-Go-Shopping-Now feelings. From chunky knits to ankle grazers, if you're boyfriends style is anything like this, he'll be walking around the house naked (double bonus, no?).

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Closet | How to Save on Dry Cleaning

Very often at Felicity&Fritz we hear the question "But, does this need dry cleaning?". The answer typically determines the purchase or not and we understand - dry cleaning can be a hassle. We are already busy with work or classes or just keeping the kids clean in general (!) that taking our own clothing somewhere to get it cleaned and then having to return to pick it up isn't always the highest priority on our list.

So, here are the Felicity&Fritz tips and tricks to skipping the dry cleaners or how to save money at the dry cleaners (because sometimes you really do need to go).

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Fun

We're suckers for a good award show and this year's 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards was no exception. Kicking off award season, the Globes brought out some of the biggest names in television and film - all of whom did not disappoint. If you watched the awards, you know that Tine Fey and Amy Poeheler killed it, the leading ladies and their males counterparts were on their A-game of fashion, the acceptance speeches were interesting (read: weird) and Leo DiCaprio is a dream (and  forever our Hollywood Man-friend).  

"Folks at home, you would not believe the list of mega-A-List stars we are looking at right now. No offence to the movies and nominees from last year but, this year is legit."

J Law photo bombing T Swift 

Amy Poeheler getting a Bono tub down 

A pregnant Olivia Wilde stunning in Gucci

Leo DiCaprio. Babe. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fashion Friday

Some of our favourite funny ladies are being celebrated in February's 2014 Elle cover. Strong, independent, confident and arguably funnier than their male counterparts - we would be more than ecstatic to be besties with any of these power women.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Styling Tips | A Lesson On Layering

It’s cold. 

I am cold. 

Polar Vortex, Arctic Blast, Damn Cold - whatever we are calling it it is freeing outside...and inside for that matter. There’s no better time for a lesson on layering than right now. So pay attention before you brave the outside and feel that oh-so-glamourous nose hair freeze.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slim Lady

A new year means a new slew of resolutions - the most common being to slim down. So, let’s get to the gym ladies! Start fresh with P90X! Jump squats! Burpees! Shoulder presses! Sprints! Oh my gosh…I’m tired already. Truth is, we are all about a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes that healthy lifestyle means a glass of wine and a bite or two grandma’s classic spaghetti and meat sauce. 

Let’s face it, you’re mantra in December was “Heeeey....It’s the holidays!”. But now we are in 2014 - it’s a new year and while we don’t suggest a new you (come on, your f*&cking awesome!) we share your resolution of hiding that food baby. So, while we highly endorse getting back into our fitness routines, sometimes we move a little slower that we would like. In the meantime, our collection of outfits will give you the slim silhouette to neutralize your December mantra and amp up your confidence to get your booty movin’!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Closet

“I have nothing to wear!”

Yeah right. We call your bluff bullshit. We bet you have a lot to wear, but the problem is that you just can’t find it! Raise your hand, seriously raise your hand - we will know if you don’t! - if your hangers are so packed in your closet you can’t slide them down the bard to see your favourite silk blouse. Raise your hand if your dressed looks like a toddler  put away your laundry. Raise your hand if have price tags still hanging on more than one skirt. Guilty, guilty, guilty fashion girl. 

It’s okay. We share your pain. Thus, we are here to help! Follow these six simple tips to get yourself to a closet that you want to show off!