Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Guide

My Best Friend is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I really could go on forever listing off a million wonderful qualities that she has, but what I love most about my Best Friend is that even though she has moved away and we are both busy with life, every time we see each other it's as if our absence from each other was no longer than an afternoon.We're so in tune with one another that buying my bestie a gift is nothing but fun (I'm sure you fashion girls feel the same). Here are some of my gift ideas for my friend that's just the bestest.

Necklace, Anne Klein Handbag, Wool Scarves and Jeffrey Campell Heel All Available @ felicity&fritz!!

peace and fashion

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Guide

For me, my mother is always the first person I shop for. What I love about my mom, is that even though she says she never wants anything, she somehow (not so) subtly drops hints regarding her favourite things. As mothers are those who are always there when it seems the world is against us, the title of "Mama Bear" only seems fitting. So what do you get a woman who is in essence your greatest friend and biggest advocate? Well, to spark some ideas, I've put together a selection of gifts which are sure to make your Mama Bear very proud of cub. 

☮ peace and fashion 

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Officially in the Spirit!

This past weekend, fellow felicity&fritz girl Samantha and I adorned the 326 Princess St. store window with Christmas Cheer. It's safe to say that the window has been Christmas-fied with Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes and an impressively hand-made "Welcome to the North Pole" sign and wish list (courtesy of Sam!) all of which, of course, are glittery!

To add to the holiday cheer, we've started playing the greatest Christmas music! (Again, courtesy of Samantha!) Straight No Chaser is undeniably on our playlist this season and to cure your case of the Mondays, here is their rendition of 12 Days of Christmas - which I warn, after you hear and inevitably fall in love with, will never want to sing the traditional version again. Enjoy!!

☮ peace and fashion

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Are Women

Glamour Magazine's December issue is their features their "Women of the Year 2010" list. The women are impressive and inevitably inspiring. From athletes, to fashion designers and even a queen, Glamour's list is one that will make any woman feel empowered.
Reading through the list of incredible woman, I couldn't help but think about how amazing we, as women, really are. We have fought so much for our gender, not only to be treated as equals to men but to simply be taken seriously, and now, in 2010, we are achieving so much more than we ourselves even believed was possible. 
One of my professors once stated "You do what other don't, so you can have what other won't". Harsh? Somewhat. True? Absolutely. How many times have you pushed on through because you knew that the end was worth so much more than the pain? How many times have you made someone smile even though you couldn't yourself? I don't know what the answer is for you, but considering you are  very likely an incredible woman yourself, the answer I'm sure is obvious. 
Katie Spotz - Rowed for 70 days solo across the Atlantic to raise awareness for her cause of clean drinking water.

While my prof was speaking in terms of business, my now mantra, resonates with so many different situations you may face. So you're not the celebrity making a kagillion dollars a year, but you're the mother who drives her kids to and from school 6 times a day because they don't like to eat cafeteria food. Or you're the entrepreneur who makes certain that her clients always leave with a smile on their face. I think what we should all take away from Glamour's amazing list of woman, is that we can do anything because we are women. So go on, take the day and make it your own. You deserve it.  

☮peace and fashion 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pretty Lady

As hopeless as this blogger is when it comes to makeup, I could spend hours in the beauty aisle. I don't really even need to buy anything (which is often the case due to my lack of cosmetics skill) just looking at the polishes and glosses makes me smile. Here are a few of my current beauty wish list items, some of which I have already bought. Right now I'm loving Bath&Body Works' Twilight Woods body butter - it smells amaaazing - and as I have said before, the Sephora by OPI nail polish is a favourite and these limited edition colours quite literally have increased my anticipation for Christmas!

Twilight Woods Body Butter. C.O. Bigelow Berry Belini Balm. NARS Eyeshadow Duo. Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask. SEPHORA by OPI Polish in Merry Me! and Flurry Up. Betsey Johnson for Tweezerman Tweezers. Revlon Lipstick in Strawberry Suede. Mac Lipstick in Snob. Marc Jacobs LOLA Parfum. Clinique Kohl Shaper. Maybelline Lash Stilleto.

peace and fashion

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This kitty print has been in the spotlight not only this season but what seems to be every fall/winter season. Why is everyone so wild about this animal print? (please excuse the terrible pun) The leopard print adds that extra bit of life to your all black parisian inspired outfit and is a quick and chic update to anything in your overstuffed wardrobe. 

While this pattern is not a new trend, the way to wear leopard has definitely evolved. For example, don't be afraid to mix it with other patterns - the basis of your outfit doesn't need to be completely understated to carry off a leopard accessory.

DISCLAIMER! : Please, don't wear an entire outfit of leopard print. 
Yes, this print is animalistic, but you are a fashion girl. Not a feline.

peace and fashion 

Friday, November 12, 2010

All Wrapped Up

If there is one growing trend I am finally ready to try it's the turban. Wearing a turban undeniably demands confidence. If the phrase "own it" ever were true, it is so in the case of the expertly tied silk scarf. Once associated with the fashion of our grandmother's, the turban has the new association of Hollywood glamour. It allows us fashionably crazed women to infuse the sometimes mundane days of the week with a shot of opulence. 

I'm ready to wear this look, and as soon as I try it I promise I will post the outfit and let me know if you try the turban as well! I think, as busy as we are, we owe ourselves a little glamour...So go on and get wrapped up. 

☮peace and fashion

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've said it before I'm sure, but I am a hopeless girly girl when it comes to all that is shiny. Especially now that the Holiday season is quickly (yay!) approaching, I can't help but want to sparkle. Nothing can go wrong when you adorn your self in glittery accessories. Why? 

Example: Oh no! You woke up late, don't have time to go for a run, there is no hot water, your windshield is frosty, the line up at Starbucks is too long...BAM - you look down at your toes and you're glittery Enzo Angiolini flats are catching the light just so that there is that rainbow of colour all over the people standing in front of you. Terrible morning averted all because of glitter. 

Enzo Angiolini Glittery Flats and Accessories available at felicity&fritz!

☮peace and fashion

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Every once and a while (as in whenever I feel like my venti-soy-coffee-with-sugar-free-hazelnut won't get me through to 10 o'clock) you need a little inspiration in the form of fantastical fashion. Besides the obvious beauty portrayed in the gowns, headpieces and somewhat mythical looking women and children, this spread makes me excited for the snow to start falling and for the Christmas spirit to get under way. 

Maybe all if us fashion girl start dressing like the beauties in this spread, the pretty snow will fall without it's inevitable partner of subzero weather. Cross your fingers crossed, because mine are! 

all photos from WMagazine 

Happy Wednesday fashion girlies!
☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nine West At It's Best

As much as I love me a leather handbag, sometimes it's just not in my budget. This is when I turn to Nine West. Their designs are on trend in terms of design and colour, are functional and last for years. Seriously, I mean it - My own croc Nine West handbag, from 3 years ago, is still a staple in my accessories wardrobe.

Right now, I am loving Nine West's take on the classic satchel design (the shape is reminiscent of Louis Vuitton's Speedy Bag) ; the classic handbag is given edge with studding and functionality with a crossbody strap for us fashion girls who seem to always be carrying a million somethings in our hands (a venti Starbucks, blackberry, felicity&fritz shopping bags). Needless to say, this bag is definitely a must-have on my radar!

handbags above are now @ felicity&fritz!

peace and fashion 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Grand Opening, Jessica Biffi, Covet

I am still smiling about felicity&fritz's grand opening! It was great to see all of our fashion girls in store supporting us with seemingly never-ending praise. A BIG thank you to everyone who came out and shared the big day with us. Like we've said before - our fashion girls are the most important to us; we couldn't be felicity&fritz without you!!

Oh, and meeting Jessica Biffi was absolutely amazing! Her designs are amazing but her personality is even greater! Jessica, is one of those women who talks to everyone as if she has known them for a lifetime. All of our fashion girls and felicity&fritz team absolutely loved her (duh) and were practically drooling over her jewelry and S/S 2011 clothing (sadly, "drooling" is no exaggeration...we clearly have no shame). 

Jessica's new jewelry line Covet by Biffi is gorgeous. All handmade designs, the jewelry incorporates jersey and gold chain adding visual interest and texture. My favourite pieces include the crushed wired cuff  and nautical necklace

 Jessica and two of her fans!
 Myself, Jamie, Jessica and Shanna
Jamie, Jessie, Shanna and Bessie 
   Bessie, Myself, Sam, Jamie, Shanna and Jackie
 Shanna and one of Jessica's Designs
Sam and Myself in Some of Jessica's Designs 

Best of all, once we had closed shop,  the felicity&fritz team sat and talked with Jessica and her good friend and PR rep Shaun, and it was clear that these two are absolutely hilarious! Both Jessica and Shaun had us laughing 'til it hurt. Reenacting SNL skits and YouTube videos and bingeing on taramosalata and wine gummies was definitely a highlight!

Thank you again to everyone that came out and to Jessica Biffi (and Shaun!) for coming to our grand opening! Lot's of Love!!

☮ peace and fashion

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hand on the Clutch


This Givenchy sequin and crystal embroidered clutch and glove duo has been running through my mind since I saw it in a fashion spread earlier this week (in large part because I am attracted to the sparklier things in life). I kind of want a matching set for each hand...correction need a matching set for each hand. After all, this is Canada and winters are cold; ergo I need to keep both hands warm...and bejeweled. 

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Covet' Jessica Biffi Collection

Can't wait for Jessica Biffi and her amazing designs!

Meet her tomorrow at felicity&fritz's second location Grand Opening!
Thursday, November 4th 2010
4pm - 8pm 
127 Princess Street

Real Life Please

I may be able to style an outfit in record speed (I practically sprinted around my house this morning trying to make it out of my house on time today!) but when it comes to make up I may as well be a twelve-year old boy - completely helpless. Still, I take note of the looks on the runway in hopes that I will somehow be able to interpret the look. 

Miu Miu's brightly coloured liner is undeniably bold, but the takeaway from the look is that you shouldn't be afraid to use colour! The interpretation on the right is a real life version still uses the same orange and lilac but in much more subtle tones making it a perfect day look. What's more, lilac, so I have read, is a universally flattering hue making it the perfect shade to start experimenting with!

What are some of your favourite makeup looks? Let me know @ felicity.fritz.blogger@hotmail.com

☮peace and fashion

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Excited, You're Invited!!

What could be better than a Grand Opening night of fashion, wine, sweet desserts and Project Runway Canada Designer Jessica Biffi? 
(I'll get back to you as soon as I figure it out.)

Classically On Point

I often read various other fashion blogs as a source of daily inspiration (and a way to de-clutter my brain from the business speak of my classes). Today, I came across this post on one of my favourite site WhoWhatWear.com - and I am so glad I did! 

There have been so many times this season, women have vented to me, expressing their post purchase cognitive dissonance (see, business speak) about last seasons pointed toe pumps. "I bought pointed toe last year and I don't see them anywhere this year!" 

Dear fashion girls, let it be known the pointed-toe pump is a classic! Think back to Audrey Hepburn and Catharine Deneuve. And while the pointed toe pump may offer that air of retro femininity, the classic continues to be reinvented season after season by designer such as Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. 

Needless to say, don't turn your back on the pointed toe. It may be a little trickier to find this season, but when you find a great pair, it's like eating a cupcake with the most amazing french vanilla icing. 

 ☮ peace and fashion 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knitted to Perfection

Fashion Girls! It has been WAY too long! Please accept my apologies for my long absence! I wish I could say I have been traveling the streets of Rome and hopping from Greek Island to Greek Island, however I have been couped up in the much less glamorous library of my school studying for exams and meeting for groups projects. But, I digress.

With the fall season in full force, layering knits is inevitably the way to dress for the unpredictable weather (where did this 15 degree weather come from?!). My favourite thing about this seasons knits is that they can be taken from a casual day (if I had pictures I'd reference you to my library study outfits!) to a date night out. And now, with our second location (127 Princess St....though I am sure you already know where we are!) we can help you find the perfect knits from out own selection of sweaters, cardigans and knit tops!!

photos sourced from marieclaire.com

As an aside from the beautiful fashion, don't forget to send me your fall styling questions! Want to know how to put your outfit together around your new felicity&fritz booties? Ask me! @ felicity.fritz.blogger@hotmail.com

peace and fashion

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ride On

Often times, classic wardrobe staples can lose their glimmer. Not so with the Riding Boot. It seems as though every season, designers give us a greater version of out favourite boot than the last and quite honestly I have no copmplaints. Whether it be over-the-knee or a more traditional cut, riding boots can transition from day to night with a few simple wardrobe changes (switch out the skinnies and oversized knits for a wool mini skirt, white fitted blouse and oversized blazer) making them a must-have for every fashion girl.

All of the boots featured are now available at felicity&fritz!

peace and fashion

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fashion is the Best Medication

Question: What does one do, when one has caught the inevitable head cold of the changing seasons? Answer: Medicate with beautiful fashion.

I have become somewhat obsessed with Isabel Marant's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection. I want need it all. While Marant is often a fan of the 80's, she steered back a few decades and modernized the 50's. Fitted jeans rolled up to mid-calf, a faded denim jacket, waist cinching leather wrap around belts, pretty kitten heels with flouncy bows and sequin leggings (there is no hiding it, I need these leggings!). Without a doubt, the Fall RTW collection screams powerful femininity; the kind that says "Get out of my way, or suffer the consequences". (ironically the same feeling this blogger has at this very moment but for reasons of the sniffles rather than fashion.)

☮ peace and fashion 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Take A Hike

I have been longing for these boots since I placed an order with Kelsi Dagger back in August. With the first of October finally here and the Autumn weather in full swing these boots are perfect for...well they're just perfect! This look was seen all over the ready to wear runways from Burberry Prorsum, Elizabeth and James and Rag and Bone (my personal favourite being Burberry's shearling lined aviator boots - truly love at first sight).

While I may not be able to buy my own Burberry Aviator Boots, while I write this post I am wearing these Kelsi Dagger boots in cognac (felicity&fritz now has them in the featured black and cognac colours). These boots are surprisingly comfortable and bring my school uniform of distressed jeans and a plain white T to a whole other level of bad ass. So take a hike over to felicity&fritz and buy your own pair (you can thank me later!)

☮ peace and fashion 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Want I Need I'm Buying

When it comes to shiny objects, I am somewhat of a moth to a flame. So, when felcity&fritz got in our newest shipment of fall jewelry, you can imagine that I instantly began to compile my list of "I want" pieces. Convincincing myself, however, that this seasons statement necklaces are in fact "I need" pieces really isn't that difficult (though I have had years of training in justifying almost any purchase!)

image from LOU LOU Magazine

While adding big beads or a long strand of chains somewhat neutralizes the concept of this seasons minimalist dressing, these pieces are just too necessary to finish an outfit! Word of caution, when going for an oversized necklace (or any piece of jewelry really) don't over do it with the rest of the option. Very quickly can one go from impossibly chic to convoluted fashion geek (yes, my rhyming is weak).

☮ peace and fashion

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Here!

Tomorrow is today and today we officially open the second location of felicity&fritz!  It has been a long time coming. A full year (plus hours more) of planning to bring our fashion girls a bigger and better place for you to lose yourself in all that is the pretty of fashion.

I want to take this time to put attention on the woman behind it all. The Owner of felicity&fritz (first and foremost, this bloggers mother) is one of the hardest working women I have ever met. Five years ago, she took one of the greatest risks - getting into an industry she knew very little about - yet she took on every challenge with seemingly no fear and a level of confidence I hope to one day fully achieve myself. 

My mom, Bessie Nikolopoulos, Owner of felicity&fritz is an amazing woman who loves everyone of her clients. Though she may not always remember your name, I guarantee you she remembers that you told her you were going on vacation or that you had just received a promotion or that your kids just got their braces removed. Because that's the thing about my mom. She cares. She cares about the people around her and makes you feel like you have been friends for a lifetime even in your first meeting.

So I am somewhat selfishly using this post to ask however many fashion loving readers out there there are to comment on this post, leave a comment on our facebook wall (or even better come into our stores today!) and give my mom her well deserved shout out!

Congratulations mamacita!!

☮ peace and fashion

Monday, September 27, 2010

Get Excited

After months of construction, choosing the right colours (and then choosing them again) researching, traveling, attaining new brands and making it all come together with sparkle - it's here. Tomorrow, dear fashion girls, felicity&fritz is finally opening our second location!! As scary as it is for those of us who have invested so much into bringing our fellow fashion girls another amazing boutique, there is no word to describe how excited we are. So get excited with us (though how are you not already?!) and put it on your "Must Do" list - come tomorrow to our new location at 127 Princess Street!

☮ peace and fashion 

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Feel A KONEKTion

I recently picked up a copy of KONEKT Magazine and haven’t been able to put it down. Established in 2009, KONEKT is a Canadian inter-university magazine with content solely driven by original student writing ranging in topics from culture and society (who's running with heels?), opinion pieces, global issues (how green is recycling really?) and the arts. 

In the current issue, the letter from the publishers touched on the fact that when the magazine was in it’s beginning stages, many had doubts. “Did students really have that much to say?” and is what they have to say of “high enough quality to fill an entire magazine?” These questions can’t help but make me shake my head for the simple fact that no matter what the decade, the long-running question seems to be if students, in essence, have brains. 
As a student myself, I suppose I have an inevitable bias, but let’s get real. If students are the future of whatever world we will end up in, is it so absurd to give us some credit in the realm of intelligence? If it weren’t for the visionary (not to mention revolutionary) actions of students after all, we would never have seen a fruitful tech company or a cult-like social network or a fashion designer by the name of Jacobs.

peace and fashion 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Fur You

When I was little I had a navy blue faux fur coat my fashion loving grandmother bought for me. With this seasons appropriate fixation with fur (real and faux) I can't help but think how wonderful it would be if I still had that coat hanging in my closet (because I'm sure from ten years ago it would still fit me!).

Handbag available @ felicity&fritz! 

From Chanel (full fur suit anyone?) to Joe Fresh, furs are a must have trend that have been made accessible to everyone with any wardrobe budget. Even better is the use of fur in accessories, allowing us to ease into the luxurious trend rather than falling in head first (though I mean really, would falling into fur be so bad?!)

☮ peace and fashion

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream On? Shop On!

Like any fashion girl, I know my fashion houses. I also know, however, that sometimes I don't want to save all my money to by the Balenciaga City Bag with rose gold hardware and unreal leather because I have other expenses that sadly come first (Food. Education. Blah. Blah. Blaaah.). 
Balenciaga Giant City Bag $1,551

As such, it really is a good feeling to know that I (and all you fashion girls out there) can get the look of Balenciaga without my wallet becoming as naked as Lady Gaga sporting one of her classic "I-don't-wear-pants" ensembles. 
High Fashion Handbag $155 

This High Fashion Handbag is a great alternative for those of us who want the look but don't want part with our hard earned money - no matter how gorgeous (and tempting) the Balenciaga may be.

☮ peace and fashion 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hooked On Fall - Part 2

For those of you who fashion girls who are still in school or work in an office or are stay-at-home mama's it's well known that no matter how much work you may have, Mondays are Mondays and sometimes you need to veer off into your own world to get through the day. 

Case in point, I am currently in between classes (ahem...in class) and have taken a moment (10 minutes) to compile the photos from style.com taken by amazing photoblogger Tommy Ton during London Fashion Week.

Hopefully these images cure your case of the Mondays like they did mine!

 ☮ peace and fashion