Thursday, January 30, 2014

Occasion Dressing | Engagement Parties and Lacy Dresses

Is anyone else receiving an influx of engagement party invitations? I don't know when it happened, but sometime between November and December 2013, couples were infused with love and lust and optimism and future plans and believed the best way to show that love the world was engagement. 

It isn't just me who has noted this, so I know I am not going bananas. Articles like this one here have noted the wedding bells ringing too. I don't want to go ahead and call this young knot tying a fad, but come on, why so many people getting married all of a sudden?! Maybe there is a secret club or hidden society of young newlyweds that are actually conspiring against all of us non-engaged young ins'. One day, all of us who aren't hooked up or engaged will just be minding our own business and then BAM! Okay, I don't know what happens after the BAM but it can't be good. Right?

Anyhow, while this fashion girly may not be engaged, and you dear fashion girly reading this may not be engaged, we are invitees to engagement parties and I can always endorse a great party. Even more, I can endorse a new outfit. 

Lace is a great go to for an engagement party thanks to it's ultra feminine vibe. Delicate and ladylike, showing enough skin to be sexy but not take any attention away from the newlywed-to-be. I always like to counteract the ultra femme with some tough chic accents. Here I'm putting the tough in the footwear. You know, so if anyone at the engagement party asks you when you're getting engaged you can just kick them. In the face. We have fashion to worry about not wedding plans. I say this with a smile...and a shopping bag in my hand. xo

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