Thursday, February 2, 2012

Print Worthy

Let it be known, I buy myself flowers all the time. I don't wait to receive them. And why should I? Do you wait to be gifted those silver patent oxfords you saw on you favourite blog or do you go out and buy those bad boys so that your feet can be happy buddies? That's what I thought. Like silver metallic footwear, peonies, daisies and hydrangeas turn my heart all warm inside.

With the season quickly changing, adding some florals to your repetoire is a highly endorsed must. There are several ways you can wear this trending item, so listen up. 1. Beef Up Your Florals - Secret garden pants? Pair them with your leather bomber. 2. Mix and Clash - Put a flowery top with equally flowery bottoms and pull the look together with a neutral blazer and neutral heels. 3. Soft Pastel Petals - A pastel variation is the epitome of femininity but to keep the look current pair with boldly hues accesories in tangerine or grassy greens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Oh, the LAST CALL Sale. Is there anything better? Yes. Taking advantage of said LAST CALL Sale before your size is but a memory. Don't miss it fashion girlies. If you do you'll cry and your mascara will run and people will stare which will make you look wacko which will inevitably make you seclude yourself in your house which will lead to you bingeing on rocky road ice cream which will take you even further away from Felicity&Fritz's LAST CALL Sale. See? You don't want to miss out. 

shoppy shop fashion girls.