Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cross the Line

You know the moment in which you have gone too far, said too much, gone a little too crazy, crossed the line? No? liar I believe you because we're friends and kindred fashion girls. However, with summer seemingly in full swing get ready to expect lots of lines in your future - horizontal, vertical and since you're a hottie with a body, there will likely be a few pick-up lines thrown in there too (no modesty here, fashion girlie, you're a babe!)

Rebecca Minkoff Pink Stripe Tote. Micheal Kors Tan Espadrille. Chinese Laundry Wedge.
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While the striped garment is basic, it's classic and inevitably a summer go-to. A nod to the nautical, stripes embody the easy-breezy summer days are meant to be made of. Bypass the expected stripe-and-denim combo and opt for pairing it with maxi skirts and high-waisted shorts, mix it with florals and polka-dots, wear it splashed on blazers, dresses, pants, evens shoes and bags! It's versatile and when executed correctly most if not every body type can sport it (no, really, I no lie!) .

Curious how to wear this summer staple? The general rule is as follows: Vertical stripes = elongate. Horizontal stripes = broaden. What does this mean? It means that if you have a brazilian bum that rivals Shakira's, skip the wide-striped skirt as it is the equivalent of looking at your ass via a magnifying glass. But who am I to judge? If you are after a Kardashian backside, go for it! 

peace and fashion 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now Hear This

Arguably, we all have something we find ourselves wanting to improve, be it your eating habits or your potty mouth (who doesn't feel just a little better after yelling out a good "eff"?) self betterment typically only leads to good things. This fashion girl for example, is, nay, was, a terrible listener. I would forget names and details and would consistently find myself retelling a story with the phrase "there was this thing in that place with that guy" - so eloquent. I blame my brain for racing to the beat of a thousand thoughts per second. Nevertheless, aggravating at best not just for me but for the ones divulging their oh-so-interesting stories to me!

But NO MORE! I am reformed! I listen. I've learned names. I can retell stories in full detail (sometimes. come one give me a break)! As a celebration, I think I will adorn myself with one of the seasons hottest accessories - the bold earring. 

Just like the statement necklace takes your classic white T from running-to-get-groceries to bonjour-I-am-here-to-party, the bold earring is the seasons throwback to a time of simple sophistication. Try it with your hair pulled back or for for a subtle look let your locks hang low.Though really, what is subtle about a glimmering chandelier hanging from your lobes?

peace and fashion