Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Want I Need I'm Buying

When it comes to shiny objects, I am somewhat of a moth to a flame. So, when felcity&fritz got in our newest shipment of fall jewelry, you can imagine that I instantly began to compile my list of "I want" pieces. Convincincing myself, however, that this seasons statement necklaces are in fact "I need" pieces really isn't that difficult (though I have had years of training in justifying almost any purchase!)

image from LOU LOU Magazine

While adding big beads or a long strand of chains somewhat neutralizes the concept of this seasons minimalist dressing, these pieces are just too necessary to finish an outfit! Word of caution, when going for an oversized necklace (or any piece of jewelry really) don't over do it with the rest of the option. Very quickly can one go from impossibly chic to convoluted fashion geek (yes, my rhyming is weak).

☮ peace and fashion

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