Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Are Women

Glamour Magazine's December issue is their features their "Women of the Year 2010" list. The women are impressive and inevitably inspiring. From athletes, to fashion designers and even a queen, Glamour's list is one that will make any woman feel empowered.
Reading through the list of incredible woman, I couldn't help but think about how amazing we, as women, really are. We have fought so much for our gender, not only to be treated as equals to men but to simply be taken seriously, and now, in 2010, we are achieving so much more than we ourselves even believed was possible. 
One of my professors once stated "You do what other don't, so you can have what other won't". Harsh? Somewhat. True? Absolutely. How many times have you pushed on through because you knew that the end was worth so much more than the pain? How many times have you made someone smile even though you couldn't yourself? I don't know what the answer is for you, but considering you are  very likely an incredible woman yourself, the answer I'm sure is obvious. 
Katie Spotz - Rowed for 70 days solo across the Atlantic to raise awareness for her cause of clean drinking water.

While my prof was speaking in terms of business, my now mantra, resonates with so many different situations you may face. So you're not the celebrity making a kagillion dollars a year, but you're the mother who drives her kids to and from school 6 times a day because they don't like to eat cafeteria food. Or you're the entrepreneur who makes certain that her clients always leave with a smile on their face. I think what we should all take away from Glamour's amazing list of woman, is that we can do anything because we are women. So go on, take the day and make it your own. You deserve it.  

☮peace and fashion 

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