Friday, September 24, 2010

I Feel A KONEKTion

I recently picked up a copy of KONEKT Magazine and haven’t been able to put it down. Established in 2009, KONEKT is a Canadian inter-university magazine with content solely driven by original student writing ranging in topics from culture and society (who's running with heels?), opinion pieces, global issues (how green is recycling really?) and the arts. 

In the current issue, the letter from the publishers touched on the fact that when the magazine was in it’s beginning stages, many had doubts. “Did students really have that much to say?” and is what they have to say of “high enough quality to fill an entire magazine?” These questions can’t help but make me shake my head for the simple fact that no matter what the decade, the long-running question seems to be if students, in essence, have brains. 
As a student myself, I suppose I have an inevitable bias, but let’s get real. If students are the future of whatever world we will end up in, is it so absurd to give us some credit in the realm of intelligence? If it weren’t for the visionary (not to mention revolutionary) actions of students after all, we would never have seen a fruitful tech company or a cult-like social network or a fashion designer by the name of Jacobs.

peace and fashion 

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