Friday, November 5, 2010

Grand Opening, Jessica Biffi, Covet

I am still smiling about felicity&fritz's grand opening! It was great to see all of our fashion girls in store supporting us with seemingly never-ending praise. A BIG thank you to everyone who came out and shared the big day with us. Like we've said before - our fashion girls are the most important to us; we couldn't be felicity&fritz without you!!

Oh, and meeting Jessica Biffi was absolutely amazing! Her designs are amazing but her personality is even greater! Jessica, is one of those women who talks to everyone as if she has known them for a lifetime. All of our fashion girls and felicity&fritz team absolutely loved her (duh) and were practically drooling over her jewelry and S/S 2011 clothing (sadly, "drooling" is no exaggeration...we clearly have no shame). 

Jessica's new jewelry line Covet by Biffi is gorgeous. All handmade designs, the jewelry incorporates jersey and gold chain adding visual interest and texture. My favourite pieces include the crushed wired cuff  and nautical necklace

 Jessica and two of her fans!
 Myself, Jamie, Jessica and Shanna
Jamie, Jessie, Shanna and Bessie 
   Bessie, Myself, Sam, Jamie, Shanna and Jackie
 Shanna and one of Jessica's Designs
Sam and Myself in Some of Jessica's Designs 

Best of all, once we had closed shop,  the felicity&fritz team sat and talked with Jessica and her good friend and PR rep Shaun, and it was clear that these two are absolutely hilarious! Both Jessica and Shaun had us laughing 'til it hurt. Reenacting SNL skits and YouTube videos and bingeing on taramosalata and wine gummies was definitely a highlight!

Thank you again to everyone that came out and to Jessica Biffi (and Shaun!) for coming to our grand opening! Lot's of Love!!

☮ peace and fashion

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