Thursday, April 14, 2011

What to Wear to A Wedding

Spring has officially sprung and with that so too comes the season of wedding bells. Whether it's your best friend or a second cousin whose name you just can't quite remember, it's time to celebrate! 

What you where should be in line with the type of wedding you are attending; be it black tie, cocktail or daytime. For a wedding that calls for cocktail attire (often labeled as semi-formal or formal) the goal is quite simple - create a look that is similar to what you would wear to a fancy (perhaps schmancy) cocktail party.

What's wonderful about this sort of wedding is that it allows you to pull out that frock from your closet you've been dying to showoff and perhaps wear those accessories a tad too outrageous for your everyday apparel. 

Go for cocktail dresses in fun prints or bright colours and play around with different textures and materials. You'll likely be dancing the night away so opt for an evening shoe with a touch of a platform (exposed or hidden) as this will add comfort your feet will be thanking you for later. For jewellery, oversized bracelets, rhinstoned earrings and pretty much anything that glitters is game. 

*Disclaimer* For the love of ivory satin and pretty oversized bouquets, DO NOT try to upstage the bride. This means staying away from anything in the white family. What's more, try to steer clear of reds as its connotations are that of sexy and may be too attention grabbing. Moral of the disclaimer - have fun with your attire but remember you are a guest not the one to be wed. 

 ☮ peace and fashion

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