Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Never Liked Barbie

With the temperature getting warmer, it is inevitable that we will soon be shedding our ever-piling winter layers. Also inevitable is the criticism we will soon be enduring regarding the shape of our bodies. This criticism, of course, directly coming from ourselves. 

*photos from Harpers Bazaar and The Sartorialist

We are quick to tell our friends how hot their asses look in those jeans, but when it comes to paying ourselves a deserved compliment we often fall short. Working at felicity&fritz and helping women daily, I see first hand how brutal we can be to ourselves.

I can't tell you how many times a beautiful women has stood before me and in front of our mirrors only to announce "My thighs are too fat" "I don't like calves" "I don't have the body for these shoes/this sweater/this T-shirt". And while I am not the one divulging these personal stabs, at the end of the day, it's emotionally draining!!

Fact is, we all have different bodies and quite honestly we should be grateful we don't all look like clones of one another. We should be grateful for our double D's (or double A's), grateful for our our 30-inch waists (or 23-inch waists), grateful for our bubble butts, toned thighs, soft tummies and toned arms. Whatever your body is I urge you to love it. Seriously, shut down the negativity and love the body you were blessed with rocking. 

So let's run a supportive experiment. Comment on this post or on our felicity&fritz Facebook page and tell us what you LOVE about your body!! Be it your breasts, your feet or your eyes empower not only yourself but the women around you too! 

And with that I leave you with a gem of wisdom Lady Gaga declared at her concert this past February in Toronto : "I never liked Barbie. Barbie made me puke in high school. Who even looks like this?! She doesn't even have an ass! WOMEN YOU NEED AN ASS!!" (Note: while exclaiming this to a crowded ACC with fans hanging off of every word, Lady Gaga tore apart a Barbie and threw it back into the audience. Do I have a girl crush? Yep.)

☮ peace and fashion

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