Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's In The Bag

While it may be easily classified as fashionable hoarding, some (me) call the act of shoving just about everything one fashion girl owns into her handbag a hidden talent. An art form if you will. Friends may laugh at the number of items I am capable of fitting into a 6"x9" clutch but who do they go to when they need a BandAid/lip gloss/moisturizer/camera?? Me. They come to me. They still ask, however, why I carry so much around with me and in all honesty I really can only attribute it to the advice my aunt once gave me when I was five years old and loving my first ever handbag (a navy blue backpack with multi-coloured pastel polka dots). Not having much to carry around with me my aunt advised "Even if you don't need something, bring it. You never know what you may need so just shove it in there!"

So, here's what's in the red-orange Christopher Kon Co-Lab cross-body bag
Notebook, What to Wear Where book, daily planner, pen, hand cream, Coach wallet, Blackberry, Essie nail polish in (in fifth avenue and turquoise and caicos), chunky silver bracelet, COVERGIRL Natureluxe Gloss (in marble), Ray-Ban Rare Prints Wayfarers, keys, vitamins and USB port. Typically I also have my makeup bag in here as well, but I had left it in my car while I was taking the picture. 

☮ peace and fashion

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  1. Given that my most recent handbag purchase was from your store - from you, I am sure you know that the ability to fit many things in my bag is important.

    I also suffer from the "carrying more things than I need" syndrome, but as you said - I am the one that people come to.

    "Mandi, do you have hand cream?"
    "Mandi, do you have a hair elastic?"
    "Mandi, any extra pens in there?"

    So what if we are small girls that carry big bags, bottom line is that if disaster strikes - we will be the ones to survive!

    Another great post, thanks for sharing the contents of your purse with the world.