Monday, September 13, 2010

What Came First? The Emu or The Ugg?

Come September in Kingston, there is the inevitable overflow of thousands of returning students eager to attack another school year. Also inevitable is the picture of what seems to be a sea of Ugg Australia boots. A few years ago, I too (unfortunately and regrettably) gave in to the Ugg Australia boot trend. Never again my fashion friends. Never. As the boot offer zero waterproof-ness (yep, just made up that word) my feet would always be wet and cold regardless of the shearling lining. 

Enter EMU. Established in 1994, EMU Australia is actually the original creator of the "Ugg Boot". (fun fact: "ugg" and "ugg boots" are generic terms in Australia describing a pull on sheepskin boot.) Only EMU has done it so much better. With premium embossed leather and suede, shearling lining, textural details and (most importantly) total water resistance! Therefore, during the wet Kingston autumn and the snowy winter, your feet will be dry and toasty warm...not to mention fashionable!

So, there you go fashion girls, the long running question has been answered. The EMU came before the Ugg. felicity&fritz is now carrying EMU Australia boots, and we gracefully accept the "thanks" from your feet. 

☮ peace and fashion

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