Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bare Minimum

Bare bones. Very little. The least amount. Minimal. In seasons past, when it comes to fashion, the notion has often been that more is better - stack on the jewels, pile on the glitter, blind them with the brightly coloured and distract them with the overtly layered. Ironically, however, this fashion blogger has often been attracted to the beauty of minimalistic dressing. 

Do I love shoes and handbags and everything in between? Yes (my mother owns a fashion boutique for heaven's sake!). But there is something to be said about minimal dressing. When you strip yourself down to the few key, well structured, well tailored, pieces in your wardrobe something happens. You let yourself shine. Rather than hiding our bodies beneath the layers of whatever clothing and whatever accessories, modern minimalism essentially allows your own beauty to stand front and center. Quite honestly, it's empowering. 

So this Fall 2010, if you try no other trend, try modern minimalism. Forgo the statement necklace and the printed jeans and the massively oversized cardigans and the bejewelled hobo bags. Instead, reach for the pretty pendants and the well-tailored trouser and the perfect blazer and the structured handbag. Make you the statement piece rather than the glittery whatnots. 

Images retrieved from W Magazine online
☮ peace and fashion

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