Monday, July 12, 2010

Do You Have Good Jeans?

There is no other fashion item quite as priceless as a pair of unreal fitting jeans. Key word - FITTING. Not too many things make this fashion blogger cringe as much as a too small, poorly cut, badly washed pair of denim (other things that make me cringe: boys with dirty fingernails, toes hanging over the edge of open toe shoes and the word "panties").
Here are my tips on finding great fitting denim!

1. Ignore the Numbers : While size is your starting point, every brand is sized differently (exhausting I know!). So while you may be a 26 in one brand (or even style) in another you may be a 30. Instead focus on how the denim makes your body look, how they make you feel.

2. It's All In the Fit : Just because ultra high-waisted denim or jean leggings are a hot trend does not mean they will look hot on your body. When it comes to denim, finding a great pair is less about what is trendy and more what accentuates your best curves. Try on different cuts - straight legged, skinny, trouser, bootcut - to see what looks best on your frame. Aim for the waist to sit comfortably beneath your natural waistline, skim your thighs and make your butt! 

3. Hands In Your Pockets : You want to pay attention to both pocket size and placement. Too far apart or too large will make your backside look larger than wanted, too high a pocket will shorten your waist and lengthen your bottom, too low pockets will just flat out make your behind look awkward. Great pockets are not slightly oversized and centered.

4. Wash : The wash you choose has a great impact on how your body appears. The "it" denim wash is always changing, however the most classic, and universally flattering, is the dark wash. Dark wash denim looks great on all body types and can be taken from a day to night look effortlessly by simply changing ones accessories. Whichever wash you choose, be certain that it highlights your best attributes rather than accentuating any unwanted "flaws".

5. Be Patient : Finding great denim is not easy. It can be frustrating and an all day event - so make it just that. Rather than dreading finding your newest pair of jeans, set out with one of your closest and trusted fashion girlies and make the search something to look forward! 

☮ peace and fashion

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