Monday, July 26, 2010

365 Days of Summer

While summer will soon be morphing into the cool months of autumn and we have cardigans, thigh high tights, leather booties and oversized school/work bags to look forward to, let's stop and take a moment to wonder what it would be like if it were summer all year round. If there were no falling leaves, no crisp breezes, no first snow fall. What would this far away land look like? I have my fingers crossed it would look like this fashion spread in Elle Greece. 

And I wish this for three reasons dear fashion girlies. 
Reason 1: Who wouldn't want to walk out their door to a place as pituresque as the grape fields and flower gardens featured in Elle Greece? 
Reason 2: We (meaning us fashion girls) would have an unlimited wardrobe of drapy floral dresses, bell skirts, silk scarves and 50's inspired shift dresses (this is a fact, not a fantasy). 
Reason 3: The men would all look like this (this too is a fact, not a fantasy. I promise).
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