Monday, February 3, 2014

Style Tips | Fancy Clothes for Casual Outfits

As I mentioned here occasion dressing is upon us. Soon we are bringing out our satin pumps and lace dresses, leather skirts and peplum dresses and while we (obviously) look fab, at the end of the night we are left with an array of fancy apparel that will sit in our closet until the next event. And that's a waste of pretty clothing. It doesn't matter if it's an office party or baby shower outfit, spring wedding, special dinner, friends birthday part or just an outfit you need to wear in a different setting all together.

You bought a lace dress and you were flooded with compliments (and complimentary drinks. well done fashion girly. well done). But now you have to wait for the next occasion to wear your beloved dress again, right? Um no. Layer your delicate lace dress under a wool peplum, or any peplum for that matter. They important part to pulling this off is making sure that the cuts are similar to one another, the skirt sits at your wast and that the lace dress pokes out from the bottom so that people know you are a master stylist.

There is nothing I love more than fancy footwear. One of the most common questions we are asked by our customers is "...but, when will I wear these again?" to which I obviously respond "When will you not wear these again?!" Footwear is the easiest wardrobe piece to repurpose and is by far the most statement worthy. Take your fancy footwear to your lunch time meet up by mixing with your favourite denim knit tee combo. Always remember, your footwear makes an outfit and while jeans a tee are über casual, fancy feet make it über chic.

The simplest way to take a lace embellished slip dress from night to day, it to throw on a chunky knit in a bold hue. I suggest opting for flat footwear rather than heel to keep the outfit casual and brunch ready.

Velvet or glittering, brightly hued, satin or floral pattern a statement blazer is a must have. Simply toss over a monochromatic look to keep the blazer as the centre of attention. For a weekend casual look, pair over a relaxed pant and tee or for work pair with a cropped skinny trouser, thin knit sweater and oxfords.

So, go on fashion girlies. Go a bring your fancy clothes out of the closet for your everyday. You (and they aka your clothes) deserve it! P.S. If you are Instagramming like we are, take pictures of your fancy casual outfits, mention @felicityandfritz and use the hashtag #FancyCasual for a chance to be featured on our Facebook Page!

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