Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Friday | Things To Love

Significant other or not, there are lots of things to love this Valentine's Day. Love your family and friends and your self! Love that winter is almost over and that tomorrow chocolate will be on sale! Love your morning coffee and afternoon coffee. Love the butterflies you feel on a first date and the butterflies you still feel after years of marriage. Love pretty flowers and sweet cupcakes. Love that your kids made you a handmade card, macaroni necklace and matching bracelet. Love that giving Valentine's Day cards and sending yourself an anonymous basket of sweets! Love Love Love! Happy Valentine's Day fashion girlies! We're sending you our love.

we're loving pretty flowers... 

...confetti lips

...fiery red deux lux clutch Valentine's Day cards

...and Jimmy Fallon. what a babe. 

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