Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Felicity's Love | Thicker, Fuller, Bigger

According to the Daily Mail, Google searches for Cara Delvingne and her eyebrows are surging. That's right, the fashion world and all us fashion girlies are tossing the tweezers and wax in favour of the swoon worthy thicker, fuller brows our model favourite is flaunting.

For a few seasons now, a fuller brow has taken editorial spotlight. A fuller brow is sexy. A fuller brow is youthful. A fuller brow is classic. Think of all the women you've loved - Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields, Lily Collins and Camilla Belle - they rocked and rock the thick brow.

If you're a little far away from the thicker brow due to over tweezing, here are some tips to bounce back to full beauty.

Powder Up
Using a powder to fill in brows are a better option than a pencil because they leave you with a natural, soft look. Use an angled brush and apply the shadow on and just around your brows without straying too far from your natural brow line.

Find the Right Shade
Pick a colour as close to your natural eyebrows as possible. If you can't find an exact match, go a shade lighter as this will appear more natural than a overly dark pigment.

Tweeze No More
Self explanatory - do not tweeze! This is going to hard and your brows are going to go through that awkward phase like when you cut your hair too short, but not to worry - this is where you bring in the use of a powder filler and your good to go until they are grown in.

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