Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ready to Fall

Dear Fashion Girlies,

Please accept this Fashion Girlies sincerest apologies. 

I have neglected you. I have spent too much time in the sun and too little time bringing you sartorial indulgence. I have been poolside and cottage-side and backyard bbq-side, when I should have been briefing you on the best to come (and believe me there is a lot of "best to come")! I am sorry. 

Yours truly,

A Fashion Lady.

Now, seeing as you have accepted my apology (you have, haven't you?) let's get down to what matters. And what matters this season is volume and furs, patterns and great lengths, streamlining and simplicity, soft powder tones and bold jewel hues. To summarize the season is to call it authoritative and bold and still sweetly feminine. Fall 2012 is attitude in every sense of the word. 

Get ready to fall hard fashion girlies. It's going to hurt but as the adage goes, pain is beauty. 

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