Monday, February 28, 2011

The ABC's of Spring 2011

For those of you reading this in Kingston, you could very likely be looking out your window to the sight of rain. Lovely, beautiful, glorious rain (no sarcasm). I say this in all seriousness because the sight of rain can only make one hopeful that spring will soon be here and allowing us to finally shed the arctic worthy layers we have been hiding under for months. 

So, here are my ABC's of Spring 2011. Consider this a sort of cheat sheet covering the key pieces and trends (both fashion and beauty) we fashion girls have to look forward to this spring season. 

A seasonless classic, the animal kingdom has once again inspired spring fashion.

Boho-chic returns in drapey, romantic styles with a touch of modernity

Incorporate texture with 70's inspired weaving in calming hues 
of blue, stone and rose pink

If there were ever a denim-centric season, this is the one. 
Look out for denim in every form - from dresses and handbags 
to schoolgirl oxfords

There is a lot more alphabet to get through fashion girlies, so make sure to read 
everyday to see the rest of my top Spring '11 trends!

 ☮ peace and fashion

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