Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Your Fashion Make You Smile

All too often, we fashion girls (or at least this one writing) gets into a fashion rut. You know, ongoing rotation of easy basics - loose knits, soft cardigans/pullovers (often stolen from my brother), ultra skinny jeans and and the same jewelry day after day. 

*photo from The Sartorialist
While I blame this Canadian winter for my rut, it truly is a cop out. The true culprit to this rut for us fashion girlies (yes, I am taking the liberty to claim the reason is the same for all you reading) is simply ease. I'm sorry but when I have an ongoing Get-Done List revolving around family, school and work I'm not really thinking about having fun with my wardrobe. (NOTE: This does not mean I am walking around looking like a slob. I would just define my look as of late as...fashionably boring. Yeah. That works.) 

*photo from 

So, I vote that we all vow to have more fun with our wardrobes. Mix patterns you would normally think of as absurd, trade your ivory cashmere sweater for one in neon pink, accessorize with different pieces everyday. Rather than coast along, counteract those mundane days with fashion that makes you smile inside and out. 

☮ peace and fashion

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