Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The ABC's of Spring 2011

Day two of my guide to the very best of Spring 2011 and the trends just get better and better. 

Though espadrilles were once made and worn by Spanish peasants, the rope-soled sandals 
were glamourized in Key Largo bringing their earthy charm to new heights

Tiny florals have bloomed on just about everything this season.
From sexy skinnies to hippie-worthy wedges, this trend is a must for the romantics

Remember when you would play dress up in mom's closet? Remember how grown up and pretty you would feel? Channel your inner mini fashion girl and dress up just because you can

Shock your wardrobe with a spectrum of electric colours and if you find this trend shocking yourself, mix it in with your black and neutral staples

☮ peace and fashion

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