Friday, August 6, 2010

Until Next Time New York City

Fashion girlies, I am back from New York City and I have so much to say! Though my four day trip was short, to say it was a busy four days would be somewhat of an understatement. My days were filled with appointments, research, cab rides to show rooms, private line viewings (can't wait to tell you about it!) and (luckily) some downtime shopping. 

such an inspiring shop window!

To tell you fashion girls all that I experienced in one blog post would be a ridiculous venture, so I am spanning it out over several posts.

just having finished from an appointment, dying for a Starbucks coffee misto!

What I will tell you in this post however, is to expect a lot of greatness coming to felicity&fritz for you, our fashion girls (it's taking a lot for me to not spill my guts about all of the exciting upcoming things we have for you!).

walked by this Louis Vuitton shop window and had to take a photo.
I desperately want this vest. So if you, or anyone you know love me,
I will accept this as a birthday gift.

For now, here are some tidbits of the trip in pictures and trust me there is a lot of exciting coming up in the next few posts (totally smiling right now...and I am on a train so I am pretty sure people think I am crazy.)

on route back home at La Guardia Airport. 

☮ peace and fashion

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