Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Donald J. Pliner Wants To Know What You Ate For Lunch

While in New York City, we had the amazing opportunity to not only meet Donald J. Pliner personally in his Manhattan showroom, but also to view his Spring 2011 collection up close in a private fashion show (I was literally one foot away from the runway with a model practically towering over me).

The view from Donald J. Pliner's New York City Showroom. In a word - awesome.

Throughout the viewing, Mr. Pliner spoke of each shoe adorning the model's feet. Each shoe had a story behind it's design - whether it be function (treads were added to the soles of the wedges designed by Lisa Pliner as she is always running after her daughter) or charity (footwear supporting both Peace For The Children Foundation and 4 Paws) At one point during the appointment, however, Mr. Pliner took a moment to share his belief of how important customer service is. 

"What did you have for lunch three days ago? Most people cannot remember what they ate three days ago, but they will remember terrible service six months or a year later. No assumptions when it comes to customer service. Always go above what is expected."

This is exactly how felicity&fritz approaches working with our own clients. We take the time to not only know our product inside and out, but to get to know you personally so that we can better attend to your needs any and every time you visit felicity&fritz.

A very special thank you to Mr. Donald Pliner for inviting us to your gorgeous showroom.

☮ peace and fashion

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