Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Grape Escape

Let's all take a moment to thank the Fashion Gods for allowing this grape colour (of course I had to make a pun) to no longer be restricted to those of royal descent. Any shade of purple has always been a personal favourite (check it out here) however, this season's blend of warm and cool hues gives us Grape; a hot hue that is divine at best. Complementing any complexion, grape will/should/must undeniably be an essential in the spring wardrobes of us mere commoners. 

While this sultry shade is of course perfect on it's own, it pairs effortlessly with other hot hues of the season like coral, teal, yellow and ivory. Even better? Grape is making its splash on just about any piece of fashion - shoes, blouses, jewellery, blazers, denim and handbags - which means, if you are opposed to eating the healthful grape (though, isn't your resolution to eat more fruit?), at least you can pay an homage in the most fashionable sense. 

☮ peace and fashion 

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