Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Warm

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Winter has been here for some time now, but today there is snow. Lovely, white, fluffy, free-falling snow. It's nice simply because this cold weather is finally validated by this quintessential form of precipitation.

So, with the snow, comes dressing for snowy days (and hopefully a couple of snowdays so we can stay home in our newly gifted pajamas and furry slippers). As always, the key to winter warmth is layers. Keep in mind though, while heavy knits like the ones above may be synonymous with winter dressing, you can all too quickly look like the Michelin Man if you dont find a balance in your outfit. When wearing heavy knits or puffy feather-filled coats on top, keep it stream-lined and skinny below. Also, don't layer heavy knits upon heavy knits (please note Michelin Man reference above). Instead invest in some good quality long-sleeved basic light knitwear that will keep you both warm and fashionable still.  

And please. Do this fashion lady a favour and add some pops of colour to your winterized wardrobe. It's going to get grey very quickly and id the only thing people can see when you're quickly dodging the cold weather are your legs, at least pleasure them with a bright pair of bottoms. Consider it your civic duty.

peace and fashion

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