Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I read once that the colour orange stimulates one's appetite which is true because I am hungry for this colour. I want this colour splashed on everything I own this spring. Seriously. I mean it. I may dye some of my clothes this colour (currently looking up dye methods). I want orange sandals and frocks, handbags and scarves...and earrings and polish and heels and sunnies and perhaps an actually orange because I will inevitably become famished with trying to search for this tangerine dream. 

If you need a hand at how to style this shade, seek inspiration from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection. Jacobs has warped the familiar into pieces fashion ladies will inevitable covet this season. Mixing vibrant orange with saturated tones of navy blue, hot pink and charcoal - to name a few. Spring and Summer months are those of carefree (or careless) days, and, like I've said before, just enjoy getting dressed in the morning. Don't over think it. Don't be too critical. Remember when you were five and the more colour you could wear at once the better? Think that. And when you're done getting dressed, treat yourself to a creamsicle.  

footwear and handbag coming soon to Felicity&Fritz!
☮ peace and fashion 

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