Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Now Hear This

Arguably, we all have something we find ourselves wanting to improve, be it your eating habits or your potty mouth (who doesn't feel just a little better after yelling out a good "eff"?) self betterment typically only leads to good things. This fashion girl for example, is, nay, was, a terrible listener. I would forget names and details and would consistently find myself retelling a story with the phrase "there was this thing in that place with that guy" - so eloquent. I blame my brain for racing to the beat of a thousand thoughts per second. Nevertheless, aggravating at best not just for me but for the ones divulging their oh-so-interesting stories to me!

But NO MORE! I am reformed! I listen. I've learned names. I can retell stories in full detail (sometimes. come one give me a break)! As a celebration, I think I will adorn myself with one of the seasons hottest accessories - the bold earring. 

Just like the statement necklace takes your classic white T from running-to-get-groceries to bonjour-I-am-here-to-party, the bold earring is the seasons throwback to a time of simple sophistication. Try it with your hair pulled back or for for a subtle look let your locks hang low.Though really, what is subtle about a glimmering chandelier hanging from your lobes?

peace and fashion 

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