Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cross the Line

You know the moment in which you have gone too far, said too much, gone a little too crazy, crossed the line? No? liar I believe you because we're friends and kindred fashion girls. However, with summer seemingly in full swing get ready to expect lots of lines in your future - horizontal, vertical and since you're a hottie with a body, there will likely be a few pick-up lines thrown in there too (no modesty here, fashion girlie, you're a babe!)

Rebecca Minkoff Pink Stripe Tote. Micheal Kors Tan Espadrille. Chinese Laundry Wedge.
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While the striped garment is basic, it's classic and inevitably a summer go-to. A nod to the nautical, stripes embody the easy-breezy summer days are meant to be made of. Bypass the expected stripe-and-denim combo and opt for pairing it with maxi skirts and high-waisted shorts, mix it with florals and polka-dots, wear it splashed on blazers, dresses, pants, evens shoes and bags! It's versatile and when executed correctly most if not every body type can sport it (no, really, I no lie!) .

Curious how to wear this summer staple? The general rule is as follows: Vertical stripes = elongate. Horizontal stripes = broaden. What does this mean? It means that if you have a brazilian bum that rivals Shakira's, skip the wide-striped skirt as it is the equivalent of looking at your ass via a magnifying glass. But who am I to judge? If you are after a Kardashian backside, go for it! 

peace and fashion 

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