Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making the Cut

I don't know who "they" are but have you noticed "they" keep telling us to cut out a lot from our lives? I mean really, am I going to be a better person if I cut out caffeine from my diet? Answer: no. No, I will not. I will be a cranky, mind you well-dressed, crazy lady. 

The one cut, however, I am endorsing is the chic cut pertaining to this season's pant lengths. I'm a big fan of this ankle-grazing micro-trend. In fabrics and cuts appropriate for casual and dress, this flattering length shows just that bit of skin that will leave you elongating your fashion girly figure. Not to mention, how your footwear (naturally, from Felicity&Fritz) makes their appropriate debut (they've been neglected as a result from those long trousers you've been wearing. shame, shame). 

Also, as an added bonus (read: laugh) clicky click the link to read up on how your can seduce via your ankles. That's right. Ankles are sexy. If you're reading this link in your office this morning and happen to laugh out loud, prompting your co-workers to wonder what is going on, quickly distract them with "The Flamingo" (I am laughing as I type this). 

☮ peace and fashion

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