Monday, October 31, 2011

It Best Be Big

"Size doesn't matter" so the adage goes, but really when has size not been important? Do you pick the teeniest apples at the grocery store? No. You choose the big juicy ones. Do you pick the size 6 when really you're an 8? No. You choose your shoe size (unless you're a fan of bunions). Do you choose Batman or Robin? Enough said in that statement alone I'm sure.
What I'm getting at is the seasons oversized, exaggerated trend is one to be appreciated. While one may think of the much too large as sloppy, fast-forward to this fall season and you will be pleasantly greeted by that which is refined and refreshed. Voluminous mini dresses, cocoon outerwear, an XL blazer and a puff sleeve, if you will, are making this trend one that not only is one to bring you into modernity but will also ease those days wear that body-con dress or sheer shirt are just not an option (like tomorrow when you have awoken with a Halloween sugar hangover and slipping into your skinnies is more like hammering a nail into a cement wall - impossible but you keep on trying. poor sugar-addict fashion girl). 

So, how does one don the XL of this fall season?

1. Balance bold proportions with sky-high heels
(this holds true no matter what your height)
2. Off-set voluminous blouses with curve-hugging pencil skirt
3. Pair cocoon tops with skinny bottoms
(hold off on the skinnies until Nov.2 as noted for reasons above)
4. Pair menswear style coats with tailored pieces such as dresses and trousers. 
5. Ankle boots look best. 

☮ peace and fashion

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