Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Desitantion Road Trip

My best friend and I are in constant road trip mode. Well...imaginary road trip mode. Our list of destinations currently includes New York City, Vancouver, Spain, Greece and Italy. As to how we will be driving to said destinations is beyond me, however, I am very aware of what I will be packing when the time comes to say Bon Voyage!

Deux Lux clutch/Chinese Laundry thong sandal/Scarf
Chinese Laundry wedge/Sebago lace-up driver/Nella Bella multi-tote

When you are traveling, packing pieces that play double duty and are easy to wear are key in order to avoid over-packing your luggage with a pile of items you won't even end up wearing. Key players in your travel bag should include light pieces that can be layered like long cardigans, perhaps a comfy maxi dress that can double for sight-seeing and night time dinners, a scarf that can also be worn as a headband and a Nella Bella Multi-Tasker tote (a tote that can be worn more than fifteen different ways! Try it as a tote, cross-body, clutch, wallet etc etc etc).

The one thing I do promote to over-pack is footwear. Because really, nothing is worse than sore feet when you are trying to enjoy all that your chosen vacation spot has to offer (except for maybe if your ice cream melts too fast). I recommend bringing along a sandal, wedge and walking shoe - you cover all your bases essentially in these three picks. A sandal for when it's hot and your spending the day lazily, a wedge if you decide to dress up your ensemble for your evenings and a walking shoe for those long tour walks...and maybe a little shopping thrown in there too!
☮ peace and fashion

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