Monday, May 2, 2011



To mark the arrival of the highly anticipated Marc by Marc Jacobs footwear exclusively at felicity&fritz, we want to know - What Would You Do for Marc Jacobs?  That is, what would you do for a FREE pair of shoes from the new Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection from felicity&fritz?

That's right. Enter our contest and you could WIN a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs footwear from the designers Spring 2011 Collection!

Would you walk around downtown barefoot? Would you sing about felicity&fritz to a crowd of shoppers? How about shop in your bikini? The more outlandish the better your chances are of winning!! 

Entry is simple - Just comment on THIS NOTE HERE stating what you would do for Marc Jacobs. That's it. The winner will be announced May 14th 2011 at 9:00AM.

Good Luck!!


  1. Well, seeing as how I've never tried Marc Jacobs on before for fear of falling in love... Maybe I should state what I wouldn't do instead ;) Realistically, I think singlehandeldy painting a 1-family house would do the trick!

  2. As an amateur trombone player, I would play "These boots are made for Walkin'" over and over outside your store until your clients beg you to give me the shoes to stop. Maybe we could even get some high-heeled sidewalk dancing going on!

  3. Oh man, what wouldn't I do?

    I would:
    1. Write a guest blog post about how much I love F&F!
    2. I would stand on top of the tallest building in downtown Kingston and sin a song at the top of my lungs about F&F!
    3. I would sew an "I <3 F&F" path onto one of my purses (and carry it every time I walk downtown).
    4. I would hand out flyers for two hours every Saturday morning for a week.
    5. I would so free social media promotions.

    But those are just things that would directly benefit the store, and what I would consider "payment" for an amazing pair of shoes. For a pair of Marc Jacobs Shoes - my first pair - I would do practically anything. Let's not go too far though, I don't want to end up doing fear factor style bug eating or anything.

    Let's just say I would continue to be a loyal, friendly and happy customer. :D

  4. I would totally love a pair of Marc Jacobs! And for that I would do just about anything, including being a real life manikin in your store window !

  5. Thank you to everyone entering so far! However, if you could all post these to our Facebook event, this will allow for us to better see all of the entries! Use this link to our Facebook Event -