Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh So Golden

Hemlines are rising. Shoulders are bare. Necklines plunging. All the while I can't help but notice one thing - I. Am. Extremely. Pale. And when I say "pale" I mean I am borderline reflecting any light that hits my bare skin (there is potential hazard in this ladies! I can imagine the headline now "Seven Car Pile-Up on Princess St. Due to Glare Caused by Girls Paleness" could happen). 
Though, I digress. As laying out in the sun is months away and crawling into a tanning bed is less than desirable, bronzers are the way to fake that golden goddess glow. Everyone can wear a bronzer, the trick, however, is choosing the right shade and applying it properly.


Pick Your Shade and Go Easy With Application. Go almost two shades deeper than your natural coloring, and don't brush the product all over the face, as this has potential to make you look dirty, Brush it on in a C formation. Start at the temples and sweep along the sides of the face and under cheeks for a more natural glow. I also add a slight sweep across forehead, nose, and chin at the end, but very lightly for a sun-kissed look.

☮ peace and fashion

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