Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The More The Merrier

While I have lived in Canada my entire life, every winter you'd swear that I was just coming to this country from some gorgeously exotic country where the weather is always that of dry hot summer days and sunny afternoons. Translation: I am a wimp when it comes to the cold winter months. The only thing really that gets me through is the fact that I know spring is the following season. Well, that and layering. 
Layering your clothing in winter is essential, in my humble fashion blogging opinion, not only for reason of fashion but for the sake of preventing hypothermia. When it comes to my own layering of clothing the more the merrier. Case in point, I have literally taken on the habit of wrapping myself in two scarves and stealing my younger brothers socks (p.s. why is it man socks are always better than our own?). 

Keep in mind, however, when you pile on the layers you can quickly look like the Michelin Man. So make sure you start off with your thinnest pieces on first followed by a warm oversized knit for example. Also, one of my greatest finds this winter is the infinity scarf. Michael Kors favoured this accessory in his FW2010 collection, sending his gorgeous models down the runway with oversized knit scarves in classic black, camel and grey hues. Needless to say, this scarf has been a lifesaver (and frostbite preventer) and urge all you fashion girls to go out and nab one for yourselves! 

 ☮ peace and fashion 

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