Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fixations

Throughout the week I am relatively busy with school and work and everything else in between. But like everyone else who has a growing "Get Done List", or at least I tell myself others are like this to make myself feel a little better, I am a master procrastinator. I will add the disclaimer that I always get everything I need done. However, on my journey of finishing that business report I may or may not have also taken a couple breaks to read the February issue of Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair (Justin Beiber is on the cover can you blame me?!).

This past week I have been i have been fixated on the wardrobe of Harper's Bazaar Editor, Joanna Hillman. If I could devise the perfect plan to hi-jack this fashionista's wardrobe I would (NOTE: I have not intention on actually stealing this woman's wardrobe, so no need to call the authorities). Scrolling through the thirty snapshots of Hillman's wardrobe, every ensemble seems so flawlessly effortless. Her wardrobe is filled with statement pieces which are perfectly coordinated with closet classics - like her pairing of a neon Proenza Schouler long sleeve knit and wide leg Dries Van Noten khaki trousers. 

In complete contrast to my undeniably fashionable fixation, is one of the most mesmerizing shows I have ever stumbled across. Man v Food follows host Adam Richman across America as he takes on the craziest food challenges imaginable (seriously, crazy people must have thought of these dishes). Would you ever take on an 11 pound pizza? No? Richman does and I can't help myself from putting down my assignments to watch him devour (often times force down) every last bite of his 7 pound seafood platter or foot tall chocolate cake. Even if you find this concept revolting, two minutes into the program you will inevitably find yourself routing for Richman to finish the Everest of food in front of him. Richman is hilarious and adorable and quite honestly fearless with every challenge. If you haven't seen this show, you must. 

Happy Friday!

☮ peace and fashion

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