Monday, June 14, 2010

Felicity's Listening...

For any felicity&fritz shopper, it's a known fact that our musical tastes are eclectic. Our iPod is full of different artists ranging from Michael Bublé (swoon), Lady Gaga (pass the glitter please?), Bachman-Cummings (peace&love) and even Justin Beiber (don't judge, he's über cute).

As of late, this blogger is loving Lights. No, not the incandescent type. The singing type. The 23-year-old Canadian singer's most recent album The Listening is currently on repeat. Listening to any of Lights' songs, you know that she is undeniably a new wave artist. Lights not only plays a Keytar (I love this word by the way) but she has the sounds of blasting lasers and rocket ships accompanying her remarkable voice. Not to mention the girl is crazy fashionable, citing The Jetsons as one of her greatest inspiration when it comes to her style. 

Right now I cannot get enough of her latest single Second Go - both the song and the music video are amazing. Simply put, Lights is making my days at work a little bit brighter (pun intended). 

☮ peace and fashion

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