Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dream On? Shop Along! - Valentino and Tiffany's

At felicity&fritz there is a long list of designers we drool over both literally and figuratively (don't judge!). One of our favourites being the legendary Valentino. Valentino's S/S 2010 Collection of handbags are the pure epitome of luxury - oversized lamb-skin leather rosettes, delicate laser cut-outs of flowers, intense ruffles of leather. complete beauty. Not so beautiful? The price. Ranging from $1, 200 to $6, 000 attaining Valentino's signature look is slim (and we're talking couture runway model slim). Enter felicity&fritz - High Fashion Handbags' take on the trend comes in at about $140.00!

Another felicity&fritz inspiration? Tiffany's. Currently inspiring the fashion girlies at felicity&fritz is the Tiffany's Diamond Key Collection, which we would likely sell a kidney for. No. Really. We would personally have to sell one of our kidneys to purchase one of Tiffany's platinum diamond key pendants. But since we kinda like, and need, our kidneys - we'll opt for the key pendants from felicity&fritz.

Valentino handbag (left) at $1595.00 and High Fashion Handbag (right) at $140.00

Tiffany's Diamond Key (left) $7500 and $3200 (right)

Key pendants from felicity&fritz $35 to $50 (no kidney removal required)

peace and fashion 

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